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Dark Hollow Studios, located in Attica Kansas, is a home based, but high end, digital recording studio. Specializing in recording music projects, demos, adding music to your video project and more. We can take your song or project from the recording phase right on through the mixdown, and end up with a completely finished, mastered, demo or song with the analog modeling mastering software we have in house. So there is no need to send your song off to a mastering house for completion, we can do it all right here, and guarantee it will sound great, or your money back.

We offer a variety of software and hardware choices for the recording process. You can find a partial list of the gear by choosing the link above. Studio Musicians are available if your project requires that. We offer a comfortable environment for the recording process, and our prices are very reasonable. Have a favorite karaoke song you'd like to sing to? Bring it in and we can get that done for you.

Our recording software is cutting edge and the board we use (Mackie) has some of the cleanest mic preamps going. We have the latest release of Cakewalk's top of the line software (Sonar 8.3™) and it now includes some fantastic third party plugin effects with the package. We are continually upgrading and adding to our equipment as well. All in all we think you will be very pleased with the final product.

We've also added Vegas™ video software to the studio along with DVD Architect™ mastering software for finishing DVD's. We can take raw footage and turn it into an edited and finished DVD for you. This package also include several plugins and addons for just about any kind of effect you can think of.