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We've posted about every song Mucaro has done in the studio here. They are listed by album and there are a few extra tracks thrown in as well, noted in the list. I'll be adding a few more songs and demos as time goes by so stay tuned for that. Clicking on any of these songs will bring up your browsers mp3 player, if it doesn't, you need a new browser or an updated plugin. Most of these are the final mastered versions of the song but there are a few songs that lean more towards demo versions (some of the extras) and will be reworked, completed or scrapped at some future date. There are standouts among the songs and we hope you take the time to listen to several of them, if not all, over time. The better tracks among these will soon be available for sale through Amazon and other online retail outlet music stores.

All songs are Copyrighted © 1995-2012 J. K. German

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