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Dark Hollow Studios is the home of the production group Mucaro, made up from various players from around the Harper County area. We work on original music written by various members of the group and also work on demo projects for other people from time to time. We have a great deal in the works for aspiring songwriters. Learn more about it on the studio page.

We've recently added video capabilities and can take your raw footage, edit it, add music, effects and give you a completed DVD or any other medium format you'd like. Speaking of videos, we'll soon be filming and posting videos of the band on Youtube and other video sites around the web. We're really looking forward to getting those projects rolling. We'll keep you posted.

While your here please take a moment to visit our Facebook Page and leave a comment or a like if you like these pages. We'll be glad to answer any questions you have about the music, or set up a recording session for anyone interested in recording a music or video project.

Dark Hollow Studios/Mucaro